Definitions for "Egalitarian"
Egalitarianism is the doctrine which holds that all of mankind is equal, or that everyone (including men and women) are to be looked upon as equals. In some Theological circles Egalitarianism is also used to identify the doctrine of those who promote wealth redistribution or economic equality. [ back
The position that there should be structurally a degree of equality in reference to access to control, influence, and direction over events that affect one's life. There should also be a degree of similarity of rights, duties, responsibilities, treatment, protection, and rewards for all members of a group, category, and society. Equality does not mean sameness.
adj] A type of social organization that assumes the equality of all people, in which every individual has an equal opportunity to obtain resources and the esteem of others in leadership activities.
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One who cannot see the difference between a hero and a zero, a champ and a chump, a winner and a wiener, or a king and a kong.