Definitions for "Free Society"
Opposite of the Forced Society (or Great Society) of the so-called Civil Rights' era. No one will be "guilty" of "discrimination", "prejudice" or "bigotry" in the Free Society to come, but will exercise freedom of conscience in keeping with their honor, safety and dignity.
a gentle society
a place where it is safe to be unpopular This
a delicate balance, constantly under attack, even by many who profess to be its partisans
a just one, where crime is punished, guilty are brought to book and we are content in the knowledge of having a judiciary which will ensure the same
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a rich tapestry, but this tapestry always has a fringe
a most socially just one
a system of social organization centered on property ownership and the production of new property (wealth) by employing scarce economic means and characterized by peaceful and voluntary exchanges of (new or old) property among individuals
a self-managed one and can only be created by self-management in the class struggle or revolutionary process
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a one in which a citizen can go into the public square and say what's on his mind without fear of being imprisoned or killed
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a wonderful way of life as long as people live by the golden rule
a threat to corporations, especially when these corporations gain their power from us needing them