Definitions for "Liberal"
Not narrow or contracted in mind; not selfish; enlarged in spirit; catholic.
Not bound by orthodox tenets or established forms in political or religious philosophy; independent in opinion; not conservative; friendly to great freedom in the constitution or administration of government; having tendency toward democratic or republican, as distinguished from monarchical or aristocratic, forms; as, liberal thinkers; liberal Christians; the Liberal party.
One who favors greater freedom in political or religious matters; an opponent of the established systems; a reformer; in English politics, a member of the Liberal party, so called. Cf. Whig.
a communist who is too stupid to know it
a man so broadminded he wouldn't take his own side in an argument
a man to broadminded to take his own side in a quarrel
Free by birth; hence, befitting a freeman or gentleman; refined; noble; independent; free; not servile or mean; as, a liberal ancestry; a liberal spirit; liberal arts or studies.
Bestowing in a large and noble way, as a freeman; generous; bounteous; open-handed; as, a liberal giver.
Bestowed in a large way; hence, more than sufficient; abundant; bountiful; ample; profuse; as, a liberal gift; a liberal discharge of matter or of water.
a man or a woman forward to a better day, a more tranquil night, and a bright, infinite future
a man or a woman or a child who looks Bronzedragon forward day, a more tranquil and a bright, infinite future
a man or a woman or a child who looks forward to a bette
a socialist who isn't quite willing to get blood on his hands yet
a socialist who won't admit it
a socialist who worships safety
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a Conservative before they get mugged
a Tory who hasn't been mugged yet
Free to excess; regardless of law or moral restraint; licentious.
a naturalistic evolutionist who thinks he is special
a person who thinks with feelings instead of logic and in most cases does not weigh in morals before a final desicion
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a glad-hander,
A person who is a proponent of liberalism (see below).
a person who feels indebted to their fellow mankind, and who proposes to pay that debt with your money
a person who has just been arrested
someone who believes the national government should be very active in helping individuals and communities promote health, education, justice, and equal opportunity
a person who believes that water can be made to run uphill
a person who believes that what has worked in the past has no necessary connection to what will work in the future
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n.: A person who has both feet planted firmly in the air.
a man with both feet planted firmly in the air
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a commie who's also a pedophile
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a capitalist, like Adam Smith
Not strict or rigorous; not confined or restricted to the literal sense; free; as, a liberal translation of a classic, or a liberal construction of law or of language.
not literal; "a loose interpretation of what she had been told"; "a free translation of the poem"
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a power worshipper without the power
One who denies some of the basic truths of Christianity.
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One whose heart bleeds when the Federal budget is cut.
an individual who is completely ME oriented
Liberalism Liberalitas