Definitions for "Poem"
A metrical composition; a composition in verse written in certain measures, whether in blank verse or in rhyme, and characterized by imagination and poetic diction; -- contradistinguished from prose; as, the poems of Homer or of Milton.
A composition, not in verse, of which the language is highly imaginative or impassioned; as, a prose poem; the poems of Ossian.
a metrical form of composition in which word images are selected and expressed to create powerful, often beautiful impressions in the listener or reader. such a composition not in metrical form, as a prose poem. something suggestive of the qualities of a poem. See also poetry (defs. 1, 2).
Keywords:  poet, song, soul, sing, nicaraguan
a communication from one soul to another that makes one or both hearts sing
a force for change produced by a change, bearing witness to some new phase (or phrase) in the loving relationship between a poet's soul and a poet's self
a literary embrace between the Nicaraguan poet and her country,
Keywords:  delight, funny, wobbly, little, prairie
a delight, true and funny
a happy thing, Like when the early church bells ring, The way the little children play, The way the sun shines through the day, Its like when children play at school, Like the summer and the pool
a little like faith, maybe
a moment in time, captured at that very moment, and inspired by the mood of that moment
a monuement to a moment of insight
an instant classic (the kicker's a killer)
a journey To places far and strange There's only one thing that's for sure- You won't come back the same
a thing of beauty, So pardon me if I sound snooty
a wonderful place to keep a secret that you can't share with anyone else
a combination of sounds, a painting is a combination of color spots and the laws of art are the laws of verbal combinations and of combinations of color spots
a dense, small creation that is difficult to understand (not to be confused with my last ex-girlfriend)
a graphic and verbal energy creation
a fragment of life rounded into momentary completeness
a momentary stay against confusion
a flame that must be caught -- Condensed upon a skeleton of words
a group of words which expresses a specific emotion or a myriad of emotions through particular and sharp images
a little bit difficult to work on, but even if youre not gifted with words, your feelings for her, real and honest on the page is worth it
a gathering of voices that ride naked through the streets
a naked person
a red balloon that chases a child over cobblestone streets
a cheaper and more creative gift than a box of chocolates, and it doesn't promote tooth decay
a creative outlet, and sometimes nothing more
a unique gift that will be forever cherished
Keywords:  delerium, sways, hug, struggle, music
a hug that sways to music
a struggle between music and meaning, and neither should win
Poem is an album by Canadian industrial/electronic music group Delerium in 2000 (see 2000 in music).
a disease of the spirit Caused by the irritation Of a granule of truth Fallen into that soft grey bivalve We call the mind
a mind that holds contraries
a spirit that hides in your heart
a record of discovery and then there's memory recovery
a voyage of discovery, and language is the territory to be explored
Keywords:  meteor
a meteor," he said
a busy bee buzzing in your head
a three year warranty on your toothbrush
Keywords:  pew, pasture, listen, fresh, vehicle
a fresh look and a fresh listen
a vehicle to transport the listener from the pew to the pasture
an act which associates respiration with audition, linked inseparably to the passage of time
a reply to the unseen and unheard that gnaws in the darkness of one's ignorance
Keywords:  strangers, conversation
a conversation between strangers
an intense experience, not a still life
a small slice of experience
a solitary act that still seeks connection with the noble dead and the living great
Keywords:  clarification, life
a clarification of life
Keywords:  honed, nestled, tree, cut, shape
a shape, a single tree cut down, honed to some small purpose, nestled on a page
Keywords:  speech, rhythmic, score, dying, thought
a feeling, thought, or picture projected in rhythmic speech
a score for human speech
a score for our dying
Keywords:  unknowing, writer, stain, blind
a stain, its writer blind, unknowing
Keywords:  petition
a petition, and a petition is a
Keywords:  emperor, clothes
an Emperor with no Clothes
Keywords:  creek, festival, sinking, carving, film
an independent film festival carving out a sinking creek
Keywords:  syncopations, mosaic, image, maker, god
a mosaic of sounds, syncopations, and images
an image of the maker, as a human being is an image of God
a picture without image
Acronym for Physical Oceanography of the Eastern Mediterranean.
Keywords:  poetry, procures, read, walk, broken
a broken string of characters, whose reading must therefore be more vertical than horizontal
a text that procures you poetry if you read it
a walk," and every time I read that I think of you
an imaginary work, living in time, indicatd in language
Keywords:  emotion, felt, story, idea, thought
a story, even if it's just a story about an emotion felt for only a minute
a unique expression of a thought, emotion, or idea
a use of emotion
a shadow of a plane fleeing over the ground like a cross escaping a church
a friend who always sends postcards from exotic places
a miracle, dissolving the walls of what might be being said, to reveal what is being hidden by such "meaning
Keywords:  irish, garden, cream, tea, cup
a cup of tea - irish cream may be - with milk and sugar in a narrow house with front garden
Keywords:  musi, visual, complex, text, form
a complex text with a visual form, musi
an arrangement of sounds and associations, as a painting is an arrangement of brushmarks
a compact piece of writing that contains one or more poetic elements
Keywords:  arrest, disorder
an arrest of disorder
a special occasions, especially birthdays
a penetration into the essence of something
a performance for an audience inhabiting a social world
Keywords:  prayer, kind
a kind of prayer
Keywords:  novel, space, inner, lots, construction
a construction of inner space
a novel with lots of space
Keywords:  meditation, self, sense, stands, text
a meditation to the self, about the self
a self-contained text, which makes sense as it stands
a hard, sparkling diamond of information
Keywords:  literature, distinct, single, work
a single distinct work of literature
Keywords:  whenever, want, object
a made object that is there to be used, whenever we want it
Keywords:  perfect, size
a perfect size
predictive operator exposure model
Keywords:  city, divided
a city divided against itself
Keywords:  beginning
a always a, only a, beginning
Keywords:  groups, lines
a group or groups of lines
Keywords:  part
a part of me
Keywords:  part, body, your
a part of your body
Keywords:  form, personal
a very personal form of