Definitions for "Ideal Husband"
Keywords:  comedy, love, plot, mabel, parfait
a beautifully shot film, and it contains a number of elaborate visual images such as fancy balls and lovely exterior shots done on location in Rotten Row in Hyde Park
a comedy, it is the more serious aspects that stay with you after it's over
a delightful parfait - an irresistible concoction of brilliant dialogue, sumptuous set design, top-notch acting, and a plot littered with Machiavellian twists
a dazzling blend of farce and morality that explores human frailty and social hypocrisy
a work that can succeed in several different time periods, simply because it contains those physiognomies of typical human life
an invigorating, original experience--probably the best screen adaptation of any poet's work seen since Kenneth Branagh's interpretation of "Hamlet
a delicious, and biting, confection of a movie
an example of how not to direct a movie
an entertaining, light-as-a-feather production, as funny as it is affecting