Definitions for "Clear Day"
a delightful, heartwarming Scottish comedy for mature audience members, about a middle-aged man laid off from work who decides to swim the English Channel
a delightful, heartwarming Scottish comedy for mature audiences
a delightful, heartwarming Scottish comedy that would make a wonderful outing for the mature audience members in your family
a finely-crafted drama in the style of other British hits such as Saving Grace and Last Orders
a fine one and well worth a look, but its actual shelf-life is questionable
an inspirational drama with humor, about forgiveness and fortitude, from an exciting new voice in filmmaking
a straightforward and simple tale of a man's struggle to find himself and ultimately his own redemption
an exhibition of unconventional land and skyscapes
A day interpreted to be 24 hours from a named point in time. If the day ends on a public holiday, then the time automatically extends by the duration of the holiday.
See "Business Day".
Keywords:  thunderstorms, peak, avoided
a must and thunderstorms are to be avoided on this peak
A price quoted excluding accrued interest (for UK capital market).