Definitions for "Stein"
a contemporary tale of love and friendship that stretches the conventional boundaries of both
a fresh new spin on the subject of sex and the single girl
a modern romantic comedy that breaks all the rules - it blurs the lines between friendship and romantic love, and finds the funny, surprising and ultimately poignant overlap between the two
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a mug intended for serving beer
literally meaning stone, is a shortened form of Steinzeugkrug or stoneware tankard; generally expanded to mean any drinking vessel with a handle and an attached lid; a lidless stein did have, or was intended to have, a lid that is now missing; contrast with mug, beaker and pokal.
a German beer mug. Steins come in various sizes, but the most common size seems to be 1/2 liter (1.057 U.S pint or 0.880 British Imperial pint).
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See Steen.
This refers to the style in which the wine is made and does not refer to a grape variety. The style is semi-sweet with over 4 grams of sugar per litre – it generally has between 12 and 20 grams, and has a fruity flavour. There is, however a grape variety known as Steen, which is also known as Chenin Blanc.
A semi-sweet white wine.
an associate professor of English literature at California State University Fullerton
an English professor at West Los Angeles College
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a good fit for fans of sitcoms like ALLY MCBEAL, SEX IN THE CITY, and WILL AND GRACE
an odd little lark, a good old-fashioned, story-driven flick that entertains and challenges its audience at the same time
The Stein Brewery (Slovak: Pivovar Stein) is a Slovak brewery, located in Bratislava.
Stein is an elongated impact crater formation that lies just to the east of the larger Tiselius crater, on the far side of the Moon. Further to the east-southeast of Stein crater lies Krasovskiy crater.
experimental expatriate United States writer (1874-1946)
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a big screen lesbian lick lock
a very personal object that usually reflects the owners likes/dislikes and personality