Definitions for "Southeast"
Keywords:  compass, east, hsun, halfway, midway
The point of the compass equally distant from the south and the east; the southeast part or region.
the compass point midway between south and east; at 135 degrees
halfway between the south and east
The Southeast Metro-North Railroad station (formerly Brewster North) serves the residents of Southeast, New York via the Harlem Line. Trains leave for New York City every hour, and about every 30 minutes during rush hour. It is the terminus of the Harlem Line electrified service and is the connection point for diesel trains to Wassaic outside rush hours (when trains to/from points north go directly to Grand Central).
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This direction is governed by the wood element and rules the area of wealth. Energize and activate your financial life by placing plants or a water element in this area, and by using the colors of the earth such as green, brown and ochre.
Of or pertaining to the southeast; proceeding toward, or coming from, the southeast; as, a southeast course; a southeast wind.
coming from the southeast; "southeasterly breezes"
a non-profit trade association of those retailers, manufacturers, distributors and brokers that promote optimum health
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situated in or oriented toward the southeast
Keywords:  region, united
the southeastern region of the United States
to, toward, or in the southeast