Definitions for "Duration"
A measure of the sensitivity of a bond price to changes in interest rates. There are a number of different ways in which duration can be expressed. E.g. Macaulay duration is measured in years, whereas modified duration is an absolute figure.
The duration is a measure of the average time it takes a bondgolder to get their money (both principal and interest).... more on: Duration
A measure of bond volatility, expressed in years, which is similar to average life; average time (in years) necessary to receive the present value of all future payments (coupon plus principal repayment), where each cash flow is discounted by the security's yield to maturity.
The state or quality of lasting; continuance in time; the portion of time during which anything exists.
The period of time from the start of an eruption to the end of that eruption.
the length of time needed to complete an activity.
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see cam duration Duster duty cycle D-valve dyno
or Valve Duration: The number of crankshaft degrees (or much more rarely, camshaft degrees) of rotation that the valve lifter or cam follower is lifted above a specified height; either seat-to-seat valve duration measured at 0.006-, 0.010-inch or other valve rises (even 0.020-inch lifter rise), or duration measured at 0.050-inch lifter rise called 0.050-inch duration. Intake duration is a measure of all the intake lobes and exhaust duration indicates the exhaust timing for all exhaust lobes. Longer cam durations hold the valves open longer, often allowing increased cylinder filling or scavenging at higher engine speeds.
The amount of time in degrees that the valves are off their seats during the opening period of the cam. Duration = opening degree + closing degree + 180 deg
Number of seconds that a collector actively collects network performance statistics at the source router. The default value is forever. The valid range is 1 hour to forever.
How long a business will be recognized as a corporate entity. A company with a perpetual duration will last forever unless the state dissolves the company. A 30-year duration means that the company will automatically dissolve on it's 30th anniversary of existence. See also: Perpetual Existence
TM - American Standard's tough-tested compressor.
American Standard's tough, time-tested compressor.
temporal measure of how long the hazard event persists. An earthquake may last a few seconds, while a drought may continue for several years.
How long to do an activity.
A measure of how long a specific behavior lasts.
A result of comparing the total base period wages to the highest quarter of base period resulting in the total amount of entitlement.
The number of weeks a claimant can receive his full weekly benefit amount. Minimum duration is 13 weeks; maximum duration is 26 weeks or until the maximum benefit amount is exhausted. This is computed by dividing the total base period wages by the high quarter wages and then multiplying the result by eight and two-thirds.
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Dutch auction effective duration
a concrete slab of nature limited by simultaneity which is an essential factor disclosed in sense-awareness
a number of these consecutive ultimate atomic events considered without regard to their content
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a pair of dates separated by a slash
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Duration” refers to the maximum stay in a country that is permitted on a visa.
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an ordered set of instants, not a whole or sum of instants
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Entry Load
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The number of days which your buy or sell order will remain active for. The range is generally from one trading day to two weeks, though this may differ between brokers.
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a total number of seconds
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