Definitions for "Time series"
A set of timestamped data entries. Each time series consists of an identifier (such as stock ticker ACME), and multiple timestamp-value pairs (such as all trading days and the closing price for ACME on each trading day).
Sequential data collected in the field with a regular occurance interval and roughly 20 or more repititions. For example, hourly groundwater conductivity (SpC) data collected for a day or more, daily precipitation data collected for three weeks or more, or monthly lake stage data collected for two years or more.
Observations of a variable made over time. Time series can also be constructed from a cross-sectional study if the same questions are asked more than once over time. See also longitudinal study.
a first order stationary if expected value of X(t) remains the same for all t
a second order stationary if it is first order stationary and covariance between X(t) and X(s) is function of length (t-s) only
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a graph that shows how some property or value changes through time
A graph showing how the radiation from an object varies over time. Also called " Light Curve".
a graph that shows receiver position, in three dimensions, over time, for each individual GPS site. Click here to see some