Definitions for "Timeout"
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When two computers are talking to each other, one may take so long to respond that the other computer will eventually give up, or log off. When this break in connection occurs, it is called a timeout.
A `timeout' is what happens when two computers are `talking' and one computer fails to respond. The other computer keeps on trying for a specified period of time, but eventually `gives up'.
a situation that prompts the execution of a default branch if a player does not respond within a set period of time.
A defined time allowed for an event after which an alternative action is taken.
an example of an asynchronous event and Java has no direct support for asynchronous events
an interrupt signal generated when a program has not received input after a certain period of time
When connecting to a remote computer, communications software will send out a request for data. If there is too long a delay in receiving this data, the connection will timeout and have to be reconnected.
(n.) A situation in which the SBus controller terminates a bus cycle that a slave device has failed to acknowledge. In a correctly designed and functioning system, timeouts should happen only during system configuration.
the amount of idle time allowed before a connection will discontinue.
An error condition raised after a designated period of inactivity.
The often-annoying function, which automatically disconnects you from the Internet after a set period of inactivity.
time Sets the time in seconds that the line is allowed to remain inactive. When this timer expires, the link is closed.
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A set time period for waiting before a terminal system performs some action. Typical uses include a poll release (when a terminal is disconnected if the timeout period elapses before keying resumes) or an access timeout (when a terminal on a local area network using a CSMA/CD access method is prevented from transmitting for a specified time period after a collision occurs).
an opportunity for coaches to exert their control on the game and their players
Teams can stop play several times per half when they have possession of the ball to strategize before resuming play.
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Sometimes a device needs a little time to think and breathe, so it takes a timeout. If it takes too long a timeout, however, the computer gets upset and refuses to talk to it anymore.
Sets the time between each communication attempt from a host device to an Opto 22 controller, or between two devices. The number of communication retries after the initial attempt can also be set.
An official break in the action. The Rules of the Game do not allow teams to call timeouts.
an official break in the action of a sport; the rules of soccer do not allow for any timeouts; timeouts for television advertising breaks are permitted by NCAA collegiate rules.
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( same as Unsportsmanlike Conduct)
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If a device is not performing a task, the amount of time the computer should wait before detecting it as an error.
an error condition that is produced when a required response from a device is not received.
The amount of time during which a notification activity must be performed before the Workflow Engine transitions to an error process or an alternate activity if one is defined.
a countdown, which starts, when the message box is displayed
an intentional ending to an incomplete task
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A specified time after which the server should give up trying to finish a service routine that appears hung.
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a good example of this
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See power off.