Definitions for "Decade "
a bit extreme but if it is that long, then I guess it's a disorder
a long enough period to allow us to put the LAPD officers trial in perspective
a long time and after the endless rounds of negotiations it does make sense to call it off if both sides are heading nowhere
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A group or division of ten; esp., a period of ten years; a decennium; as, a decade of years or days; a decade of soldiers; the second decade of Livy.
A 10:1 increase or decrease of a variable, usually frequency. A 20dB/decade gain roll-off defines a gain change of 20dB each 10-fold increase or decrease in frequency. (6 dB/octave is equivalent to 20 dB/decade).
A group or assembly of ten units, e.g., a counter which counts to ten or a resistor box which inserts resistance quantities in multiples of powers of 10.
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Decade allows dynamic motion simulation in Catia V5 and SolidWorks. Decade is for designers, students, and teachers of mechanical engineering who need to verify the performance aspects of various mechanisms. Results are available through animation in Catia or SolidWorks, ASCII file format, and plots of engineering data . You can also export results as images or CSV files.
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Cellphones are now commonplace, but were not so a decade ago.
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Decade is a solitaire card game using a deck of 52 playing cards. While akin to another solitaire game called Accordion, addition plays a part in this game.
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the cardinal number that is the sum of nine and one; the base of the decimal system
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a pretty good number if everything moves along without a hitch
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a non-profit project