Definitions for "Decimal"
Of or pertaining to decimals; numbered or proceeding by tens; having a tenfold increase or decrease, each unit being ten times the unit next smaller; as, decimal notation; a decimal coinage.
A number expressed in the scale of tens; specifically, and almost exclusively, used as synonymous with a decimal fraction.
Pertains primarily to decimal fractions. Decimal fractions are fractions with denominators of ten (10) or powers of ten (100,1000, etc). Example: 12.213 is 12 plus .213.213 is the same as 213/1000.213 is a decimal fraction
a way to explain that you ate only part of the cake
the second of three potency scales used in homeopathic pharmacy. 1 part medicinal substance (dry or tincture), mixed with 9 parts diluent (lactose or alcohol), and then succussed (shaken), yields the 1X(D) potency.