Definitions for "NAN"
Unleavened bread
A teardrop shaped leavened bread cooked in a tandoor. Nan bread is cooked by slapping it onto the wall of the tandoor where it sticks while baking.
leavened bread baked in a clay oven in India; usually shaped like a teardrop
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The IEEE Standard 754 defines a class of numbers known as NaN, or Not a Number. This value is used by the IRIS processing software to indicate missing data.
A floating-point value that is said to be "not a number" and contains an indeterminate quantity.
A special bit pattern produced when a floating-point operation cannot produce a meaningful result (for example, 0/0 produces a NaN). NaNs propagate through arithmetic operations.
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a river of western Thailand flowing southward to join the Ping River to form the Chao Phraya
NMDA Antagonist Neurotoxicity, i.e., neurotoxicity caused by blockade of NMDA receptors.
Edit / Neighborhood Area Network: A network, usually comprised of 802.11b wireless LAN access points, in which networking services are shared among neighboring businesses and residences. Often these permit a group of closely spaced neighbors to share access to a single high-speed (read expensive) Internet access line. Some NANs in the US have been known to stretch 30 or more miles. See Also: LAN WAN WLAN
Neighbourhood Area Network. A term used to describe a small network of computers connected to the Internet via a shared broadband connection by means of Wi-Fi (q.v.) links. An activists term for wireless LAN (q.v.).
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anoukh Mint
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dwarf (_Nannorhops_ = "dwarf bush") ("nanus")
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your grandmother
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Sword Highest Tau rank
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very old goddess, lives in the marsh
North American Nationals; a national show that alternates between Kentucky and California where qualified model horses compete.
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No Aircraft Noise
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Nan or NAN may refer to one of the following.