Definitions for "Project"
To form a project; to scheme.
a one-time effort to accomplish an explicit objective by a specific time.
Level: top-level A project corresponds with the entire, distinct process of a well-defined activity. Examples could be a research project, a festival, an artistic project with all its manifestations over the years.
Run-of-river or storage dam and related facilities; also a diversion facility.
The specific section of highway or public improvement together with all appurtenances and construction to be performed thereon under the Contract.
The specific section of the highway together with all appurtenances and Work to be performed thereon under the Contract.
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A set of related tasks which have a specific goal.
(1) A container that groups related objects (tasks).
A Project is a saved work session or series of sessions used to organize the tasks that must be accomplished in order to get items into the collection database.
That which is projected or designed; something intended or devised; a scheme; a design; a plan.
An idle scheme; an impracticable design; as, a man given to projects.
To cast forward or revolve in the mind; to contrive; to devise; to scheme; as, to project a plan.
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A project refers to a method of tying together many different views, tables, layouts, charts and scripts into one cohesive whole. Note: when saving a project, you are not saving the individual shapefiles and tables, but only the condition that they were in while you were working on them. If you move to another computer, you must move not only the project file (*.prj), but any shapefiles (*.shp, *.shx, *.dbf) and tables (*.dbf, *.inf) that you were using. Many students have been frustrated by saving only the project files, then losing the other data and being unable to re-open their work. Project files are usually fairly small (100 K).
Everything you work on in I DEAS is stored within a project. Contained in the project will be libraries that contain the part data base and model files. Projects are usually set up by the system administrator or manager. Projects are set up according to the CPSC ( Corporate Product Systems Classification) codes used by Ford Motor Company.
A collection of related files that, when deployed, constitute a web application.
Organizational unit containing the media units that when incorporated and edited will constitute a program.
A combination of organizational resources pulled together for a specified period of time to create something that did not previously exist. A project’s life cycle has 4 phases: Phase I - Defining; Phase II - Planning; Phase III - Implementing; Phase IV - Completing. Unclassified Project Class Series Guidebook (7/94).
In PowerAda, a specially marked directory and its subdirectories which define the environment in which Ada programs are built, examined, and debugged. A project is created from with powerada or with the aprojinit command line tool.
Management The act of keeping all aspects of the web project running smoothly. This person coordinates team members, collects materials, investigates the impact of change to a project, keeps track of expenses, and works with you to make sure everything is acceptable to you.
Coordinator Professor Alun Evans, Department of Epidemiology and Public Health, Queen's University Belfast.
A planned unit of work, using the learning by doing concept in a specific skill or interest area carried out by a member or group of members with the supervisions and guidance of a volunteer or a Teen Leader.
the specific organisation or establishment where you do your volunteer work.
A collection of features and/or bug fixes which is extensive enough to require its own implementation team, gate, and plans. Examples of projects are dtrace, Janus, and a port to a new hardware platform. Normal individual enhancements and bug fixes are self-contained and worked on by no more than one or two developers; these do not require the infrastructure associated with projects.
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Project will be a MMORPG and RTS game, where you can research, develop, fight, whatever you want to do. In game Voice may be added later when its all complete. This will all be running on a Real Time 3D Space Engine using OpenGL or DirectX.
A piece of research conducted to address specific set of objectives.
An extended, in-depth investigation of a topic, ideally one worthy of children's attention and energy. Projects involve children in conducting research on phenomena and events worth learning about in their own environments.
In the Apache Software Foundation, the term ' project' typically refers to a community focussed on one or more codebases, overseen by a PMC.
Any effort having scope, schedule, budget, and desired outcome, satisfactory to the customer.
A single, non-divisible public intervention directed towards the attainment of operational objectives, with a fixed time schedule and a dedicated budget. See also intervention, programme, policy, operational objectives.
A user defined software test effort. Projects contain the specific test plans, test procedures, test cases, defect information, test schedule information, and performance data used to test software applications and track results.
A subset of the proposal, observations of a single source or related group of sources. The practical definition of a project is that it is sensible to observe one project from a proposal and not another. (It might be undesirable, especially in the eyes of the proposer, but still sensible.)
NYSCA grant requests, even those (such as General Operating Support) seeking funding for institutional support, are commonly referred to as "projects". We also use the term to describe any activity, program or event within a NYSCA proposal.
Name given to a Proposal after being accepted by the EC.
In VisualAge for Java, the topmost kind of program element. A project contains Java packages.
(See program)
The area or areas of interest for a particular donor. Codes for projects are mainly associated with colleges or programs such as athletics and the jazz festival, or mini-campaigns.
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verb, "proiettare"
Skills Exchange projects have a fixed term and a clearly defined objective, or set of objectives. Projects must not have a political or religious purpose.Projects are listed on Skills Exchange for a maximum of three months. Every project requires a Risk Assessment Management Strategy (RAMS - see below) to be completed and made available to volunteers and their employer, if required. Projects can be submitted by Community Groups (publicly accessible) and Employers (for their employees only).
In view of our increasingly dismembered world we are no longer subjects of objects but projects for alternatives. Existence has turned inside out like a glove, and it is no longer imperative to free oneself from conditions, but rather to realize oneself through the realization of possibilities. However one may express this idea, the result is the same: we have technologies at our command which enable us, by means of increasingly better condensation (definition), to concretize our number-encoded projects (intentions, dreams) into ever more perfect form.
To externalize or exteriorize (a thought, feeling, or action/attitude) so that is appears to have objective reality.
Means an activity to be funded with money provided by the Foundation, consisting of either the work to be done pursuant to a Grant Agreement or the Goods and/or Services to be performed or acquired by a vendor pursuant to a Contract for Goods and/or Services, to accomplish a particular conservation goal.
Collectively, the improvements to be constructed by the Contractor pursuant to a discrete, fixed-price Job Order.
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To throw or cast forward; to shoot forth.
To shoot forward; to extend beyond something else; to be prominent; to jut; as, the cornice projects; branches project from the tree.
CIA operation that imported more than 600 top Nazi scientists into the US after the end of the war.
An endeavour which has a definite beginning and end (which may be greater than a fiscal year) and as such is accounted for separately
A collection of issues involving a single major area of XXXXXXXX's products. Reporters choose a project for each reported issue, although issues may be moved later. Possible values are: XXXXXXXX XXXXXXXX (with subprojects: XXXXXXXX XXXXXXXX XXXXXXXX XXXXXXXX) XXXXXXXX
Refers to the concept that midpoints can be simultaneously in the same degree of opposing signs.
The concept of 'project' means different things to different users, or reflects different frames of reference. Project usually involve a certain degree of innovation and are in ...
Projects are used like Products.
A temporary organisation that is created for the purpose of delivering one or more business products according to a specified Business Case.
The Metrics Data Program gathers and generates its repository data on a per-project basis. Each project in the database consists of product data, product metrics data and the associated error data. A project as it exists in the repository may represent either an entire set of data from a real world project or a subset of such data. Current the projects in the MDP database are as follows
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Any organised business activity where an investment is made. It most commonly refers to the work of creating and operating a physical asset, such as a bridge or a building. However, it need not involve the creation of a new physical asset at all, for example if a company launches a new product which has been manufactured by existing assets. The project extends over the whole investment life-cycle of activity, not just the initial phases while the investment is being made.
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For all other uses, see Project (disambiguation).
Job tickets can have a "project" name or number. A project can indicate several separate jobs for one campaign, or identify like jobs (such as "Print" or "Media"). Reports, such as job summaries, can be batch printed for a selected project. Projects can be set up by client. The word "project" is customizable in the Names window in Preferences.
To draw or exhibit, as the form of anything; to delineate; as, to project a sphere, a map, an ellipse, and the like; -- sometimes with on, upon, into, etc.; as, to project a line or point upon a plane. See Projection, 4.
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(RA) Unary operator that picks attributes from a relation. queries.php
for human subjects purposes, another thingy that may encompass two or more protocols on the same subject matter.
The entire construction to be performed as provided in the contract documents.
The Asset constructed with or owned via a Project Financing which is expected to produce cashflow at a Debt Service Cover Ratio sufficient to repay the Project Financing.
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See HATS project.
A teaching or assessment method used to enable students to apply their knowledge and abilities. These may take many forms and are limited by time, resources, and imagination.
A project is a fundamental building block of the PMI. Projects are comprised of team members, and documents/resources.
a player who will require substantial practice time before he is capable of playing regularly in the NFL.
A collection of child windows which can be saved at reopened as a unit.
An agreed to measure or set of measures described in the Exhibit A of a Purchase of Conservation Agreement.
A set of forms and modules that make up an application while it's being developed into an application.
An administration of feedback by who is giving it, who is receiving it, and what the feedback is. You'll want to create a new project for each new group of people or set of skills that you assess.
Encapsulates all the integration logic for one integration scenario.
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A cassette, CD or Video of 10 or more recorded songs.
There needs to be an identifiably separate project that is distinct from normal incremental growth.
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A grid engine system project.
For a building P3 project, the delivery of the physical facility together with the other selected private roles within the chosen P3 structure, such as design, FM, maintenance, operations and financing.
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The place from which a thing projects, or starts forth.
a generic term applying to all aspects of the administration of a contribution agreement.
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To have a clear image and send it.
A type of service that varies in description and is usually a one time call
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Term for the Burning Man Project, organization name.
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This Project was removed!
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Container for information about a project