Definitions for "Janus"
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A Latin deity represented with two faces looking in opposite directions. Numa is said to have dedicated to Janus the covered passage at Rome, near the Forum, which is usually called the Temple of Janus. This passage was open in war and closed in peace.
Adopted Etruscan God of gates, doors, beginnings and endings.
Ancient twin-faced Roman God, KEEPER of the DOORS (janua). JANUARY.
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Also known as Windows Media DRM 10.0, the Microsoft technology that allows an expiration date to be attached to the licenses for Windows media (WMA and WMV) files. Janus-enabled services can effectively rent out content to compatible portable devices such as MP3 players and PVPs since the files will time out after a set period.
Janus is the codename for portable version of Windows Media DRM for portable devices, whose marketing name is Windows Media DRM for Portable Devices (or in short form WMDRM-PD) introduced by Microsoft in 2004 for use on portable media devices which store and access content offline. Napster To Go was the first online music store to require the Janus technology. Supporting Janus often implies that the device also make use of the (MTP).
Joint Academic Network Using Satellite. A DELTA project.
Moon of Saturn
The innermost satellite of Saturn, just outside Saturn's rings. = 0.75 days; = 175 (?) km; 0. It was discovered by Dollfus in 1966 and was named Janus for the first and the last. [H76
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Janus is a computer programming language partially described by K. Kahn and Vijay A. Saraswat in "Actors as a special case of concurrent constraint (logic) programming", in SIGPLAN Notices, October 1990.
an interactive, entity-based, tactical simulation used to train at Brigade and below (Battle-Focused Training)
Joint Army/Navy Uniform Simulation