Definitions for "SEKHMET"
Lion-headed goddess, sometimes crowned with the solar disk. She protected the royal power; she can be likened to Hator, Bastet and Isis.
The wife of Ptah, goddess of war, shown with a lioness head.
A lioness-headed goddess, who personified the cruel power of the sun god. The daughter of Re and the female counterpart of Ptah. In mythology, she fought against the enemies of Re and once was about to destroy mankind. Worshipped in Memphis.
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Mighty One.. .
Mighty Lady Of Flame, the hot-blooded passions of the soul run wild in the power of the flesh.
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Sekhmet is the Dark Warlord of Venom (in YST, he's called Doku Mashou, Poison Demon General Naaza). He is Cye's main opponent. His Venom armor is infused with the virtue Kou (lit.