Definitions for "BES"
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an ancient Egyptian male deity and protector of children, Bes was the god of war and of music and dance; he was thought to be of African or Middle Eastern origins. Ancient Egyptian Gods - Bes
Bes (also spelt as Bisu) was a god thought to have been imported into Egyptian mythology from that of Nubia, during the Middle Kingdom. His name appears to be connected to a Nubian word for cat, and indeed, his first appearances have the suggestion of a cat god. Egyptians kept cats in order to attack snakes, and creatures that might ruin crop stores, such as mice, and so Bes was naturally singled out, amongst Nubian gods, as worthy of worship in Egypt.
the ancient Egyptian god of dreams
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a BES contains more than 1 and fewer than 320 path coding violation error events, and no severely errored frame or AIS defects. Controlled slips are not included in determining BESs.
Bursty Errored Seconds. A Bursty Errored Second (also known as Errored Second type B) is a second with fewer than 320 and more than one Path Coding Violation error events, no Severely Errored Frame defects and no detected incoming AIS defects. Controlled slips are not included in this parameter. This is not incremented during an Unavailable Second.
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BAC end sequence. The ends of BAC s are sequenced and the clone association information is retained. In this way, BAC clones that do not have insert sequence can be integrated with other BAC clones, or with WGS assemblies. Human BAC end sequencing info Mouse BAC end sequencing info Rat BAC end sequencing info references: Mahairas GG et al. Sequence-tagged connectors: a sequence approach to mapping and scanning the human genome. Proc Natl Acad Sci 1999; 96(17): 9739-44. Zhao S et al. Human BAC ends quality assessment and sequence analyses. Genomics 2000; 63(3): 321-22. Zhao S et al. Mouse BAC ends quality assessment and sequence analysis. Genome Res 2001; 11(10): 1736-45.
Business Expansion Scheme. Introduced in 1983 as a tax effective inducement to encourage investment in companies not quoted on the stock exchange. The scheme ended 31.12.93 and was replaced by the Enterprise Investment Scheme.
BlackBerry Enterprise Server
See Business Expansion Scheme
N,N-bis[2-hydroxyethyl]-2-aminoethane-sulfonic acid; Buffer for pH range 6.4-7.8
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Bookmark Exchange Servlet is a Java servlet that allows to publish and manage XBEL bookmarks online.
Benefits Eligibility System. State of Virginia’s external tracking software system used to maintain employee benefits transactions (e.g., medical insurance).
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Basic Energy Sciences. One of the five DOE Offices of Science. See the BES web pages