Definitions for "Ma'at"
Ma'at is an electronic shoebox, it takes all those paper documents that you need to keep, but always lose, scans them and stores them in a mySQL database. The GTK+ frontend allows the stored documents to be accessed via a simple tree interferface
the Ancient Egyptian word for both a concept and a Name of Netjer, which is difficult to translate into English by a single word. It is the foundation of Kemetic society, and is the mechanism of the universe that puts things into balance, striving ever to re-establish what is right, just, and true - the elements of cosmic harmony set in place by Netjer at the time of creation. As a Name of Netjer, Ma'at personifies moral integrity, truth, and justice, and thereby embodies the laws of the universe. She is depicted as a woman with an ostrich feather on Her head.
Divine personification of the cosmic order, secondarily connected to the concepts of truth and justice. She wears an ostrich plume on her head, the transcription of her name.
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