Definitions for "Osiris "
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One of the principal divinities of Egypt, the brother and husband of Isis. He was figured as a mummy wearing the royal cap of Upper Egypt, and was symbolized by the sacred bull, called Apis. Cf. Serapis.
deity - Egyptian god, whose death and rebirth was reminiscent of the story of Christ's resurrection.
an ancient Egyptian god, Osiris held an important role in ancient Egypt; his death at the hand of his brother Seth represented the yearly Egyptian drought, while his miraculous rebirth represented the flooding of the Nile Valley and its nourishment by the silt left on the land after the flood; Osiris’ parents were Nut and Geb; his sister and wife was Isis; he also had another sister, Nephthys, and a brother, Seth; Osiris was the father of Horus by Isis and of Anubis by Nephthys, who seduced Osiris to conceive Anubis. Ancient Egyptian Gods - Osiris
Osiris is the name of three fictional characters in DC Comics. The original Osiris debuted in Sandman Presents: The Thessaliad #1 (March 2002), and was created by Bill Willingham and Shawn Mc Manus. The second Osiris first appeared in Justice League International series 2 #62 (March 1994), and was created by Gerard Jones and Chuck Wojtkiewicz.
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Osiris is a progressive rock band from Bahrain led by Mohammed (guitar) and Nabil Al-Sadeqi (drums), strongly influenced by British band Camel and by traditional Arab folk music.
Osiris is a tiny lunar crater in the southeastern part of the Mare Serenitatis. It is located to the northeast of the small Dawes crater, and to the west of the Montes Taurus range. To the east-northeast of this position is the landing site of the Apollo 17 mission, in the Taurus-Littrow valley.
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Statistical software similar to SPSS and SAS with strong data management features. ICPSR distributes many studies in OSIRIS format with special machine readable codebooks and dictionary files readable by the OSIRIS software. OSIRIS Codebook
"The Seat and Throne of the Eye." The divine substance of the human soul, the fundamental mystery of being.
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For other uses, see Osiris (disambiguation).
Osiris is a host integrity management system that can be used to monitor changes to a network of hosts over time and report those changes back to the administrator. Osiris takes periodic snapshots of the filesystem, configurations, and logs, and stores them on a central management host. When changes are detected, Osiris will log these events and optionally send email to an administrator.
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this engine provides read-only access to OSIRIS files.