Definitions for "Sandman"
A mythical person who makes children sleepy, so that they rub their eyes as if there were sand in them.
Semi-creepy character in folklore who sprinkles sand into children's eyes to make them sleep, or a dark, brooding ruler of the Dreaming? You decide. Also, would you describe Logan as having "two lips like roses or clovers"? Though I bet many watchers would like to tell him his lonesome nights were over. The Sandman doesn't give Veronica a break in 2.18 "I Am God."
A candy-colored clown who tiptoes to our rooms every night. See: SLEEPY.
Sandman is a free music magazine originating in Sheffield, UK. It is published in Leeds, Kingston upon Hull, York and Nottingham.
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Sandman is an album by Harry Nilsson.
Sandman is the name of six fictional characters in the DC Comics universe.