Definitions for "Characters"
1. alphabetic The letters A through Z and a through z. 2. alphanumeric The letters A through Z and a through z, and the numbers 0 through 9. control Any non-printable characters. The characters are used to control devices, separate records, and eject pages on printers. 4. numeric The numbers 0 through 9. 5. special Any of the punctuation characters or printable characters that are not alphanumeric. Include the space, comma, period, and many others.
Each number or letter sent to your pager is a character.
Single term for either letters or figures. See "Faces" for face types. (See "Styles" for letter styles)
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are the people or animals who will be in the story.
Persons-or animals, things, or natural forces presented as person- appearing in a short story, novel, play, or narrative poem.
A character is a single unit of space in text.
Characters is a 1987 album released by Motown singer-songwriter Stevie Wonder on the Tamla (Motown) label. The album topped the R&B albums chart for seven weeks eventually going platinum and yielding the hits "Get It" (which featured former Motown label mate Michael Jackson) and the #1 R&B hits, "Skeleton" and "You Will Know".
Characters form the contents of an Emacs buffer; also, Emacs commands are invoked by keys (q.v.), which are sequences of one or more characters. See section Emacs¤Îʸ»ú¥»¥Ã¥È.
Characters form the contents of an Emacs buffer; see section Character Set for Text. Also, key sequences (q.v.) are usually made up of characters (though they may include other input events as well). See section Keyboard Input.
A character is "the smallest component of written language that has semantic value" (The Unicode Standard 3.0: 13). Characters should be distinguished from glyphs, which are the visual representations of characters. For example, the single character "A" may be represented by different glyphs: "A" and "a".
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One of the three suits, sometimes called cracks.