Definitions for "OOC"
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out-of-character (see also IC)
Out Of Character. This refers to things that occur outside the scope of an event. Examples are information you heard as a player the day before the event is out of character. If you hear about it from another character that would be IC.
Out of Character. Deliberately or through poor writing, the character behaves in a way inconsistant with her or his appearances on the show (1st season Scully putting great credence in a fortune teller, Star Trek characters setting phasers to kill as a first option, etc.).
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Optimizing Oberon Compiler
Offshore Operators Committee (USA)
The acronym used for an Outline of Coverage. An OOC is a brief outline of the policy benefits and exceptions written in language resembling a shortened version of the policy itself and is required by some states to be included with the initial advertising sent to the customer.
Out of commission, referring to equipment or material casualties.
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Out of Competition test