Definitions for "Out-of-character"
a. (abbrev. OOC) 1. Referring to actions undertaken that happen in the real world rather than in the fictional world of gaming." No I called you a tosser out-of-character, twat!" syn. In character
Not acting as your in-game persona would. Anachronisms and real-world intrusions (i.e being out-of-character) are not appreciated during an event.
used to describe a person who is currently not behaving according to their game persona, or the words or actions of such a person. Certain games, groups or players use special gestures to show when a player speaks OOC, or when that player's character has left the game. Examples include: placing a hand over the name badge, removing the badge or turning it backwards, holding a fist to the forehead, or doing any of the preceding while prefacing statements with "out of character."