Definitions for "Role playing"
Acting a character or part within a game or situation. Make sense? Didn't help me much either! So: Role playing is used in training by corporations as well as by larpers for their games. One takes on a persona and acts that part. Usually there is no set script. better? Good
identifying with a character, making choices for a character, speaking for the character, feeling the feelings of the character, etc. playing in a role playing game (RPG).
In psychotherapy, a technique in which the therapist and patient act out scenes, such as a marital confrontation, that are likely to occur outside the therapeutic situation.
In symbolic interactionism it is the ability of an individual to observe and take the role of another that is key to identity. One learns how to play roles, such as playing the role of a student.
Acting out the thoughts, feelings, and behaviors of another person or role, such as a doctor.
Acting out different roles, often for variety in sexual play.