Definitions for "Wonderful Life"
a brilliant film - truly
a film of endless frustrations, deferrals of gratification, and of the complete impossibility of representing the most passionate impulses and imaginations of the self in the world
a Frank Capra film about a popular figure in the community (George Bailey) who is thinking of ending it all before his angel (Clarence) comes along and produces a fairytale finish
a Christmas movie classic
a classic, and for good reason
a feel-good holiday classic with fictional Bedford Falls at its center
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an RPG, but not in the save-the-world-from-an-absolute-evil way
an RPG, but not in the Some simple, upbeat tunes also help fill in the background, and the music you hear will change
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Wonderful Life (Hangul: 원더풀 라이프) is a 16-episode South Korean television drama broadcasted by MBC in 2005 and ABS-CBN in April 2006 in the Philippines as primetime series.
a compelling game with a long lifespan ahead of it
a delightfully relaxing game where time management is a feature and not a nuisance
a fantastic game, although one which is certainly not for everyone
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Wonderful Life: The Burgess Shale and the Nature of History (1989) is a book on evolution by Stephen Jay Gould. It was the 1991 winner of The Aventis Prizes for Science Books.
a choice - choosing to have a godly and joyful heart
a squishy, sentimental choice
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a real departure
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a great example of a work that did not achieve popular success until its introduction into the public domain
a great way to restore peace to your soul, transporting
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a bit like a tomato from the farmers' market
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a definite must-buy