Definitions for "good friend of mine"
Keywords:  army, former, texas, gun, pilot
a former Canadian Air force pilot and he said to even think to exclude blame from the U
a Longbow pilot, he comes from an Army family and is pretty well connected
an absolutely mad Democrat, but genuinely has no problem with law abiding citizens owning whatever guns they like
a big australian fan
a HUGE SNK fan and though they did cancel the Pocket Color, they continue to support the NeoGeo while doing ports of their games to other platforms
a massive Cohen fan so I immediately called her to tell her the good news
a CIA graduate and he stressed the importance of the basics of a culinary education
a reporter for National News Service and he brought me back from Honduras one of the very first "exported" copies of that secret CIA assassination manual (see "Books")
a cop who works the inner city of Milwaukee
an attorney, and this case requires so little work, that it would be possible to sue in municipal court
an HR administrator, and she already told me not to let anyone give me any crap at work
a compulsive gambler
a professional gambler
a Christian fundamentalist who doesn't have sex out of wedlock, nor does he "spill his seed on the ground", so I'll give you the benefit of his experiences
a christian rapper who is looking for a production company
a devout Christian
a director (one major hit under his belt) and got to meet Spielberg on the set of Minority Report
a genius with a camera and you can see some of his work on this link
an oceanographer who has spent a large portion of his career studying ocean currents in the arctic -- he knows his stuff
Keywords:  hemophiliac
a hemophiliac
Keywords:  revenooer, curious
a "revenooer" and was curious about that
Keywords:  raleigh
a DJ here in Raleigh, NC
Keywords:  paramedic
a paramedic in D
Keywords:  honeywell, they'd, wasn't, ago, belgian
a Belgian-American whose parents came over some time ago
a union member (not the nurses, one at Honeywell), and if it wasn't for the union, they'd have been fired years ago
Keywords:  thrilled, vet
a Vet and she is thrilled by it
Keywords:  leftwing, rabble, rouser, kerry, hard
a host at Hard Rock
a leftwing street-level rabble rouser who came out hard for Kerry
an AF mechanic--a hydraulics expert of some kind--and he's been all over the world
an expert at picking out (sometimes unintentionally) humorous postings on Craig's List
an expert at SEO
Keywords:  drummer, freak, amazing, week, diamond
a diamond freak and literally buys new diamonds every week
a diamond level distributor who I see once a week
a drummer in an AMAZING band, and I went to their show last week
an engineer at SONY - Pittsburgh television facitily
a retired lubricant engineer from Texaco
a top-notch electronic engineer who happens to specialize in RF circuitry
a dog trainer and she agrees whole-heartedly that unfortunately pitbulls have had such a stigma attached to their breed that people looking for attack dogs have perpetuated the problem
a CEO of a hosting company, and they get lots of customers from this circumstance," says Ballew
a preacher, and says it this way
a solicitor practising in the midlands
Keywords:  avid, reptile, collector
an avid reptile collector
Keywords:  excaliber, circus, comp, bad, staying
a VP at Circus Circus (they own the Excaliber) and always gives me a bad time for not staying there as he would comp me
a programmer, and he avoids Dreamweaver like the plague
a programmer at Ensemble
an ordained Presbyterian minister and a vocal anti-Bush campaigner
Keywords:  dentist
a dentist there
Keywords:  teacher, aikido, english, him, want
a high school teacher and most of the girls in his class want him
an Aikido teacher
an English teacher
a high- priestess of a local coven
a shop foreman at a local freight company, truck repair facility
Keywords:  nyc, vegas, successful, trader, highly
a highly successful low-limit player here in Vegas
a successful stock trader in NYC
Keywords:  philly, verizon, customer, area
a Verizon customer in the Philly area and has been for a while
Keywords:  stylist, loc, butter, six, hair
a hair stylist and she tested my Loc Butter, for example, with her clients for six months
Keywords:  mtv, nas, interviewed, day, reporter
a reporter for MTV News now and he interviewed Nas the other day
Keywords:  smoker, didn't, son, smell, smoke
an ex-smoker -- she quit when we figured out that my son didn't like the smell of the smoke on her clothes
Keywords:  catholic, roman
a Roman Catholic
a Johannus dealer, and I have been fortunate to help install several Johannus organs around town
a family practice physician
a professional groomer and she has seen many nasty Goldens that are a danger to both their family but in particular friends of the family
Keywords:  golfer, disabled
a disabled golfer
an accomplished pathologist
an accomplished professional artist (fabric designer)
an older woman, she got me into astrology, and opened my mind immensely
Keywords:  plank, owner
Keywords:  trooper, weapon, auto, retail, dvd
a DVD buyer for a large retail chain
a state trooper whose issue weapon is a large frame, full capacity traditional double-action auto
Keywords:  wizard, guru, wan, lan, technical
a wizard/guru when it comes to all things technical (networks, LAN, WAN
an attorney in Mexico you specializes in helping foreign companies and individuals do business in and make real estate transactons in Mexico
Keywords:  denver, manager, one
a manager of one in Denver
Keywords:  psychologist, child, orange, agent
a child psychologist
an "agent orange" child
Keywords:  plumber, disposal, lot, earns, food
a plumber and he earns a lot of money off of people putting food in their disposal
Keywords:  survivor, well
a survivor, as well
a financial planner with First Affirmative
Keywords:  carolina, guide, north, fishing, saving
a fishing guide, and he's saving up money to buy a house in North Carolina
Keywords:  trick, loves, specialist, movie, card
a card trick specialist and he LOVES this movie
Keywords:  believer, knows, firm, match, strong
a firm believer in that - She knows who she is
a strong believer in Match
Keywords:  flight, attendant
a flight attendant for CO
a recent convert to the Church and has accepted the Church's teaching on birth control
Keywords:  guy, dealing, reserve, higher, ups
a Reserve guy who has been dealing with some of their higher ups
Keywords:  translator, french
a French translator who
Keywords:  processor, word
a word processor
Keywords:  asked, him, wanted, deposit, cash
a very active BG Cash player and he played one of these sites - made so much it kept him playing for them but was asked to deposit equal amount he wanted to wd as well
Keywords:  alcoholic, dry, years
an alcoholic - although he has been dry for many years now
Keywords:  exception
an exception, though
Keywords:  feels, male, female, sex
a male by sex who feels/is female