Definitions for "Philanthropy"
Love to mankind; benevolence toward the whole human family; universal good will; desire and readiness to do good to all men; -- opposed to misanthropy.
This is a community service project held by a fraternity or sorority or both. Seton Hall University Greek students perform a number of these projects each year, and most National Fraternities and Sororities require their chapters to do one large project per year. Phi Beta is very proud of the community service projects our students participate in every year.
An effort to donate time and/or money to others. A philanthropic organization may donate money or service to organizations and individuals.
caring and sharing by taking action for the common good.
The provision of funding or other forms of practical support, without requiring anything in return. Philanthropy is based on the concept of selfless giving and the desire to do good for society.
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giving large amounts of money to organizations that help people who need help. An example of corporate philanthropy is when a company gives money to an organization that helps poor children who are very sick get operations.186
Giving money, food, goods or services free to those who are in need, or any organisation which is established to provide money or help in this way.
The act of giving money to fund programs and projects that benefit others.
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an event that every Greek organization on campus holds each year