Definitions for "friend of ours"
a forensic scientist for the Columbus Police Dept
a police officer
Keywords:  chuckwagon, foreman, swan, spoke, ranch
a chuckwagon cook and he spoke to ranch foreman Matt Swan about my coming out to photograph a spring branding
an actress and she shared some of the stuff she uses to create the glitz and glamour that is Hollywood
a chiropractor, and he happens to be coming to visit tomorrow, so if it's still bad in the morning I may ask him to check it out
a little smaller than most men and really want to get him a jersey like ours to cheers on our tigers
a successful horse handicapper
an apprentice at St Neots Evangelical Church
Keywords:  psychologist
a psychologist
Keywords:  organist, accomplished
an accomplished organist
Keywords:  carpenter, master
a master carpenter
Keywords:  vet, feeding, tech, dogs, handler
a professional handler and she was feeding a different food to the two of our dogs that were in her care
a vet tech and she came to put her to sleep
a heather collector and sends us the latest selections to try in our gardens
Keywords:  dancer, good
a very good dancer
Keywords:  attic, went, expert, mold, check
a local mold expert went up in our attic to check it out
Keywords:  drove, truck, driver, beautiful, cross
a truck driver and he drove by this beautiful cross
Keywords:  timeshare, guests, owner, his
a timeshare owner and we were his guests
Keywords:  nice, familiar, nurse, today, someone
a nurse there and is working today so it will be nice to see someone familiar
Keywords:  hacker, identity, intensity, low
a low-intensity identity hacker
Keywords:  editor, clips, photos, stories, films
a film editor and he put it together with clips from the films and photos and stories from all of us
Keywords:  contractor, general
a general contractor
Keywords:  night, discount, great, room, manager
a manager there and got us a great discount on a room for the night
Keywords:  introduction, member, another, one
introduction of one made member to another.
Keywords:  better, broker, get, rate, mortgage
a mortgage broker and he said he can get us a better rate
Keywords:  yours
a friend of yours