Definitions for "Heather"
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A mixture of differently colored wool dyed a staple and blended together before the wool is spun.
A yarn that is spun using pre-dyed fibers that may be blended to create hybrid colors.
A subtle multicolored effect produced by commingling yarns or spinning blended fibers of different colors together. Heatsetting Process for stabilization and setting a memory of twist in plied yarns. "Autoclave" treats skeins with pressurized steam in a batch operation. " Superba" uses conditions similar to the autoclave but it is a continuous process. " Suessen" is a continuous dry heatsetting method used most commonly for spun yarn heatsetting. (See " Continuous heatsetting.")
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A Druid sacred herb. Associated with Summer Solstice.
An evergreen shrub, with certain varieties reaching two feet high, featuring small leaves and spikes, and tiny flowers. Heather blooms from summer until late fall. The flowers come in many different shades of pink, from a purple-pink to rose pink to mauve.
A natural herb that gently cleanses, nourishes and helps to beautify hair.
Heather (also known as Cheryl Mason, and Alessa Gillespie) is the protagonist in Silent Hill 3. She is the first female primary character in the Silent Hill series.
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Admiration, Solitude
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see Melange/Heather
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a veary sweet and nice girl
an assistant professor of theatre in the Department of Performing Arts, where she teaches Introductory Acting and Advanced Acting, Voice for the Stage and Theatre Appreciation
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Reminiscent of the aroma of heather.