Definitions for "Ticking"
Keywords:  mattress, twill, pillow, stripe, damask
A strong, closely woven linen or cotton fabric, of which ticks for beds are made. It is usually twilled, and woven in stripes of different colors, as white and blue; -- called also ticken.
a general term for a strong, tightly woven fabric most often used for mattress and box spring covers but also for workwear and other apparel. Often found in a pattern of narrow stripes on either side of a wider stripe. They are commonly dark warp stripes on a white ground.
Ticking is a tightly woven, durable fabric usually used for covering mattresses, box springs and pillows. Ticking is commonly made of cotton.
Longer guard hairs, throughout the coat, of a color distinct from the underwool or body fur.
banding of colours on the hair shaft
Light hairs that are scattered among darker coloured hairs or spatterings of lighter hairs among darker coloured hairs.
Small flecks of coloring on a white background.
As seen on the Abyssinian, a term referring to a coat with black flecks.
Keywords:  obvious, mammal, dog, bird, spots
Small spots visible in the coat/skin of a bird or mammal. Not visible at birth, but become more obvious as the dog matures.
a metallic tapping sound; "he counted the ticks of the clock"