Definitions for "BIRD "
Orig., a chicken; the young of a fowl; a young eaglet; a nestling; and hence, a feathered flying animal (see 2).
A warm-blooded, feathered vertebrate provided with wings. See Aves.
General term applied to members of clade Aves, which includes Archaeopteryx and all of its descendants.
Jargon term used to describe an aircraft. Black - Jargon term used as state of a runway. If the runway is Black, then its not useable due to a crash or mishap.
Satellite (informal slang)
Slang term for a 'satellite'
an original graphic novel from Steven Seagle and Teddy Kristiansen about Seagle's difficulties writing the character Superman
a semi-autobiographical graphic novel about a comic book writer who is given his dream job of writing Superman at the same time he must deal with the specter of Huntington's Disease in his family
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The shuttlecock.
A soul or spirit which astral travels.
a symbol of intellectual flight, ideals and intuition
Eternal life. Birds in flight: Flight of the Soul Catacomb An underground network of chambers with recesses in which to place the dead
a carefree creature
a creature full of beauty and innocence
Keywords:  excursion, solo
a solo excursion
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the USAFA mascot; a falcon or a gift (statue) given to visitors/guest speakers
a symbol of freedom
Birds represent freedom, inspiration, sometimes messengers related to the God/dess.
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Specifically, among sportsmen, a game bird.
Hence: To seek for game or plunder; to thieve.
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BIRD is a dynamic routing daemon for UNIX-like systems. It should support all routing protocols used in the contemporary Internet, such as BGP, OSPF, RIP, and their IPv6 variants . It also features a very flexible configuration mechanism, and a route filtering language.
We are training retrievers to retrieve game. This usually means Ducks or Pheasants.
a visual information retrieval interface utilizing a separator array to effect sequential development of a Boolean query two terms at a time.
BIRD is an automated telephone system used for registering for classes, retrieving grades, and obtaining financial aid information.
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A stunt in which the base fully extends arms overhead and holds flyer by hips. Flyer is face down, back arched, feet to­gether, legs straight out, arms in a "T".
pronounced bird] Nearly extinct reference to a female - eg "Check out the Jugs on that Bird!" See also Roger, Knockers and Jugs
A common name for the pod towed beneath or behind an aircraft, carrying the geophysical sensor array.
any aircraft, but usually refers to helicopters
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Bird is a 1988 U.S. film directed by Clint Eastwood.
blackbody infrared dissociation
a cry or noise made to express displeasure or contempt
an instrument working according to a mathematical
an instrument working according to mathematical law, an instrument which is within the capacity of man to reproduce with all its movements
a wren) According to feature theory noun order should have no effect/ it did
an example of an obligate biped obligate quadruped adj
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a UFO if we can't identify it
to watch birds, especially in their natural habitats, for enjoyment; to birdwatch.
watch and study birds in their natural habitat
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Fig.: A girl; a maiden.
A person; a girl.
Keywords:  fowl, flesh, wild, domestic, food
the flesh of a bird or fowl (wild or domestic) used as food
Broad Instant Recognition Device, aka Purple Tie Pin. Reference (scroll down)
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another term for shuttle
a wonderful addition and extension to your family
a person that scouts for other investing deals and sells the lead to other professional investors
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a Jumping Jack with short bursts of energy taking it all over the place
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To catch or shoot birds.
Keywords:  song, pop, great
a really great pop song
Keywords:  abstract, concept
a somewhat abstract concept
Keywords:  album, good, way, off, close
a good way to close off the album
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informal terms for a (young) woman
A female. Generally young and pretty.
a particularly appropriate subject for a mobile and each of the ones in this collection is a source of continuing pleasure
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Bad Internal Rate of Debt
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a very wise man from living through a handful of lives
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Your target.
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an offering of people and memories at the
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a large responsibility