Definitions for "hummingbird"
any bird of the family Trochilidæ, of which over one hundred genera are known, including about four hundred species. They are found only in America and are most abundant in the tropics. They are mostly of very small size with long slender bills adapted to sucking nectar from flowers, and are noted for the very brilliant iridescent colors of their plumage and their peculiar habit of hovering about flowers while vibrating their wings very rapidly with a humming noise; the wings are specialized for hovering flight, but they can also dart forward and fly quite rapidly. They feed both upon the nectar of flowers and upon small insects. The common humming bird or ruby-throat of the Eastern United States is Trochilus colubris. Several other species are found in the Western United States. See Calliope, and Ruby-throat.
tiny American bird having brilliant iridescent plumage and long slender bills; wings are specialized for vibrating flight
an extraordinary bird clad in glittering
Humminbird Communications, which acquired the PC DOCS Group in 1999, has emerged as one the world's leading software companies specialising in the development of enterprise software solutions (including document management, knowledge management, BI and network connectivity). The acquisition of PC DOCS Group (with its subsidiaries including PC DOCS/Fulcrum), a leading provider of document and knowledge management systems, has helped propel Hummingbird to the forefront of the emerging EIP market. Hummingbird's varied solutions include Hummingbird EIP, Fulcrum KnowlegeServer & SearchServer, DOCSFusion, CyberDOCS and DOCS Open. Hummingbird Communications' end- to- end data warehousing solution (Hummingbird Data Integration and Reporting Solutions) comprises of its Genio Suite ( the data integration solution), BI/Suite (the enterprise query and reporting solution) and Genio Miner (the data mining solution).
Kahlo identified herself with the hummingbird’; • ‘a symbol to suggest her successive experiences of loss through love’; • the Aztec god Huitzilopochtli, “hummingbird on the left”, ‘guided the Aztecs on their epic journey to the site of Tenochtitlan (Mexico City)’ [?] (67). In Self Portrait with Thorn Necklace and Hummingbird, she wears a dead hummingbird around her neck, thus reversing its traditional meaning to bad luck, injury and death. The painting was made following her remarriage to Rivera but was given to her former lover Nickolas Murray. The frontal composition of the painting bears a strong relationship to the photographs that Murray had taken of Kahlo, but also gives it a hieratic grandeur and beauty. In 1946 she made a drawing in which her eyebrows transform into a hummingbird. (67)
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Experimental remix console for DJs and producers. 8 WAV channels, headphone preview. Fluid + tactile control via Fostex DCM-100, MIDI or keyboard/mouse. Automatic beat-matching; tracks are split into 16-beat loops that can be played back in any order.
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Hummingbird is a MaxScript that allows 3D Studio Max users to create dynamic bullet-time effects.
a delicious alcoholic drink that is popular in Jamaica
"Hummingbird" is a popular song.
Brings out positive feelings and actions through the colors of the rainbow. (Crystal with a rainbow inside.)