Definitions for "IPV"
(abbr): Isentropic Potential Vorticity - the product of the absolute vorticity of an air parcel, and its static stability, calculated along a constant surface of 'theta' (potential temperature), hence the 'isentropic'. Anomalies in IPV around the level of the tropopause (and hence in the region of the driving jet stream) can be related to developments through the troposphere, leading to cyclogenesis. Because IPV is a highly conservative property for any sample of air, it is found to be particularly useful for tracking the path that stratospheric air (high IPV values) will take as it enters the upper troposphere during rapid cyclogenesis events. NWP models can be programmed to output the height of a particular IPV value - defined such that it 'samples' air in the model stratosphere. These patterns are then overlaid on water vapour imagery, and any mis-match between model and reality are quickly seen and allowed for. (See also Potential Vorticity) & also
Isentropic Potential Vorticity. The potential vorticity on a surface of constant entropy (or potential temperature). Potential Vorticity is a scalar quantity that involves combining absolute vorticity and static stability.
Internationaal Perscentrum Vlaanderen
Internationalen Psychoanalytischen Vereinigung
Intentional Program Violation. Refer to IPV for definition. See: Fraud; Assistance Units - Food Assistance; Benefit Errors
Intentional Program Violation. Intentionally making a false or misleading statement; misrepresenting, concealing, or withholding facts; or committing and act constituting a violation of the Food Stamp Act, the food stamp program regulations, or any state statute relating to the use, presentation, transfer, acquisition, receipt, or possession of food stamp coupons or FCAs. See: Fraud; Assistance Units - Food Assistance; Benefit Errors
IPV is a Spanish brand of all-wheel-drive trucks, based in Pontenova, province of Lugo, Spain.
The key engineers in IPV's world-class development group have been at the forefront of technology for over ten years in evolving the techniques used to stream high quality video and audio data over local and wide area networks. Through our connection with Olivetti and Oracle Research Labs we are still at the forefront of this emerging technology. By choosing IPV you will be ensuring that you have the best possible solutions both now and in the future. We have systems and solutions in use throughout the world - our products are out there working in the marketplace - proven, reliable solutions.
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