Definitions for "LABS"
a division of the Trusecure corporation based in Herndon, VA
a division of TruSecure Corp
a division of TruSecure Corporation and offers vendor-agnostic testing and certification of security products
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a leading computer components distributor in the United States
an authorized distributor for top OEM vendors such as Microsoft, AMD, Western Digital, Samsung and many others
a world wide distributor of Intel and AMD process
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a simple and effective way to detoxify your body of Viral infections and toxic build-up caused by Viruses
a simple and effective way to detox your body of Viral infections and toxic buildup caused by Viruses
a sponsor of the QA Podcast forum
a sponsor of the Vancouver Software Quality Assurance User Group (VanQ)
There are a number of labs available on campus to assist students in various areas of their academic coursework. Labs available to students include: math lab, communication lab, science lab and computer labs. These services are generally free to students. For specific lab services and hours, contact the lab or see the information available from the College website. M-N
see laboratory blood tests.
a Central Texas Engineering and Consulting firm specializing in Geotechnical Engineering , Construction Materials Testing , Environmental Assessments and other Specialized Laboratory Testing and Inspection Services
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a great partner," said Lewis
a perfect fit for those with out full healthcare coverage, Medicare, or Medicaid, those paying medical expenses out of pocket
an open organization aimed to provide a framework for PKI studying and development of related projects
a low cost liquid mineral supplement
Low Altitude Bombing System
an excellent survey of modern factoring methods