Definitions for "Province"
A country or region, more or less remote from the city of Rome, brought under the Roman government; a conquered country beyond the limits of Italy.
A country or region dependent on a distant authority; a portion of an empire or state, esp. one remote from the capital.
A region of country; a tract; a district.
The name given, in Victoria, for electorates of the Legislative Council. See electorate.
One of the 22 Legislative Council electorates. (Each province contains four electoral districts).
The proper or appropriate business or duty of a person or body; office; charge; jurisdiction; sphere.
a region of the state which possesses sovereign power over a limited number of jurisdictions
the proper sphere or extent of your activities; "it was his province to take care of himself"
A local group (usually the first group formed in a Kingdom).
A large branch within and subject to the administration of a kingdom (or principality, if any). Provinces do not have ceremonial representatives appointed by the Crown, and thus lack the ability to create and administer awards. Provinces must have at least 25 subscribing members. Local Groups in Atlantia
in the context used in the report, a geographic area having particular geologic and landform characteristics.
A geographically defined area with a characteristic set of species or characteristic percentage representation by given species.
one of the five political geographic units into which the Republic is divided.
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a portion of land or (acres) granted to you by the utopian Lords when you create your free account
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A rpg type game in which you play a province and try to take over the rest of the galaxy through space combat
a unit of land that is defined by climate, native vegetation, and biome
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An area outside Italy ruled by Rome.
a union of several houses which, under one superior, constitutes an immediate part of the same institute, and is canonically established by lawful authority
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a large tract of land in the game, with the name written in black
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A name or abbreviation of a province
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a big area, but not too big to manage
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See state