Definitions for "City"
a place full of people; human nature & wilderness; a (permanent) gathering of the tribes; a deposit of culture. See also home.
Large group of people with a variety of specialized occupations who live in a specific area and depend on a flow of resources from other areas to meet most of their needs and wants.
A place where there's a large amount of people living closely together.
A large town.
A corporate town; in the United States, a town or collective body of inhabitants, incorporated and governed by a mayor and aldermen or a city council consisting of a board of aldermen and a common council; in Great Britain, a town corporate, which is or has been the seat of a bishop, or the capital of his see.
The collective body of citizens, or inhabitants of a city.
City is a 2001 album by Jane Siberry.
City is the second album by Canadian Thrash/Grindcore band Strapping Young Lad. It was released on February 11, 1997. It received very good critical reception and some critics still hail it as the band's best album.
City are a German rock band, formed in East Berlin in 1972. They are best known for the song "Am Fenster" (At The Window) from their 1978 debut album.
a gripping and at times shocking police thriller and a great British film in its own right
a terrific destination for families with infants
a terrific insightful thriller that focuses on how difficult it is for someone to stay straight when they return to the same neighborhood that incubated their criminal behavior
Refers to the City of London; the square mile that is the heart of Britain's financial community.
collective name for all the financial institutions in London.
Normally used to mean the financial community in the City of London.
a contemporary film collector's dream service
an agglomeration of individual dreams, a mass dream of the crowd
an agglomeration of productive forces built by labor employed within a temporal process of circulation of capital
an incorporated administrative district established by state charter; "the city raised the tax rate"
a Borough incorporate, which hath, or hath had, a Bishop
a highly autonomous incorporated area within acounty
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a gigantic piece of art work which combines planning, architecture, gardens, squares, streets and sculpture
The City of Elko, Nevada.
City is a piece of earth art located in Garden Valley, a desert valley in rural Lincoln County in the U.S. state of Nevada, near the border with Nye County. The work was begun in 1972 by the artist Michael Heizer and is ongoing. Like his previous Double Negative (1969), City is designed and executed on a massive scale.
a bit haunting with no colors, no landscaping, just rows and rows of mobile homes
A 3 by 3 square of cards representing in order of left to right, top to bottom :- First Row :- The West Quarter Garrison (or Barracks) - A pile of face-down cards of the Clubs suit. The North Fortification (or Noble Fortification) - One face-up card of the Hearts suit. The North Quarter Garrison (or Noble Quarter) - A pile of face-down cards of the Hearts suit. Second Row :- The West Fortification (or Barrack's Fortification) - One face-up card of the Clubs suit. The Keep - A Jack face-up, plus any members of the Royal Family also face-up. The East Fortification (or Merchant's Fortication) - One face-up card of the Diamonds suit. Third Row :- The South Quarter Garrison (or Commons) - A pile of face-down cards of the Spades suit. The South Fortification (or Commons Fortification) - One face-up card of the Spades suit. The East Quarter Garrison (or Mechant's Quarter) - A pile of face-down cards of the Diamonds suit.
a actualization of Logos, a vornado-like monster that sucks human beings into its concrete and steel internecine trap, tucks them into tenement houses and slums filled with the smells of junk and fumes from steel trucks
an unavoidable natural occurrence of human society and social build-up and not necessarily rendered by the layout of its official governmental boundaries
a typical form of human concentration
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a master plan designed to cater not just to the growing travel and tourism demands but also for the industries that progressively being established around the Jebel Ali industrial belt
Properly, the settlement formed around a Master and attendant adepts. Barbarian cities are usually called camps.
a full service restaurant complete with official NBA merchandise and one-on-one courts
a one-of-a-kind restaurant that features a basketball theme
a miniature world, with each territory having its own language, customs, benefits and dangers
a multiplayer game that utillizes the Gizmondo's GPS capabilities to let players interact based on where they are in relation to eachother in the real world
a world unto itself
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While this would mean the main city, the D'ni capital, in Uru it refers to Ae'gura, the biggest island in the lake.
Following certain words indicating a profoundness or a lot of the previous word. "John Coltrane and Miles Davis were at the concert, man it was Jazz City!"
a comprehensive account of a unique cultural and culinary institution
an index of the greatness of a nation, a culture, a civilization
A unique .sc4 file that a user can download, play within their SimCity(tm) 4 game and upload back to SimCityscape(tm) during the course of their turn.
a consciously made artefact and this elliptical ending of Yap's poem may suggest that curtailment of nature means curtailment of imagination also
a municipal corporation, a political subdivision of the state, charged with certain specified duties of government within its territorial limits, and for the full discharge of those duties it is authorized to levy taxes
a municipal corporation, it plays by a different rule book
The actual municipal entity (according to zip code) where the Remediation Site is located. With street address and zip, constitutes the complete physical address for the site.
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Stages in the roasting process when most of the aromatic oils are produced. Beans can be oily and shiny if the roasting process is stopped at this time.
"City" is a roast that is slightly darker than the American roasting norm. "Full City" is definitely darker than norm; sometimes patches of oil on surface.
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City of Columbus, Ohio.
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a paradox," writes Campbell
a collective creation bound by rules that can only be enforced through community organization which is best described as government
a creation of the left side of the brain, the intellect, the sinister side or dark side
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refers to the city of Stanford, Kentucky.
a symbol of a kingdom or dominion, and so God's Kingdom is symbolized by the New Jerusalem, the new dominion coming from heaven to earth
A free household with no less than 30 colors. Free Holders lead Cities.
City is a Finnish free-of-charge magazine in various cities in Finland.
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The term "city" includes ports, forts, and pestholes.
a legal entity, or a finite unit of local government
an independent level of government that does what its citizens want it to do
a unique governmental entity with its own special charter
a network of ideas, it is an impossibly complex system, it is a bubble always, always bursting
a unique mixture of human beings, buildings, and ideas that constantly have to be supplied with material and non-material goods
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Location of the provider Parkersburg
This is the city in which the school is located.
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a portion of the RTD, eventually it tends to last its have way by having transport policy
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a business business group health that is owned
a business just as a zoo is
a business that is owned and operated for the benefit of it's citizens
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a Forest a Building is a Tree
a point, a road is a line and a forest area is a polygon
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Complete CAN module, e.g., an actuator.
a political partnership aimed at the most authoritative good
a fabric that weaves itself together to form a vocabulary that is shared in an architectural regionalism
an area of developed land, with lots of buildings close together
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Of or pertaining to a city.
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a special type of terrain feature
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a scene in America
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a blank page
an artificial development of an imperfect distribution system
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an aggregation of thoughts
a complex organism whose planning and management requires not only a variety of technical and professional expertise, but also a good understanding of the particular local context
A large city is represented on the map by a large white circle. Most large cities are named.
a large area with continuous residential and commercial development
a large community and as such is an organic entity
the city of the address
The city is associated with either the billing address or shipping address of a transaction.
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a continuous process
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a real eye - opener
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The name of a city