Definitions for "Brotherhood"
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Brotherhood was the fourth studio album by New Order, released in 1986. Although a relatively weak offering in the band's canon (most of its tracks have rarely been selected for New Order's many compilations), it did nevertheless contain one of the band's most popular songs in the form of Bizarre Love Triangle. The album contains a mixture of acoustic and electronic styles, roughly divided between the two sides.
Brotherhood is the eleventh studio album by American rock band The Doobie Brothers, released in 1991. (see 1991 in music).
Brotherhood (有情有义) is a modern television serial jointly produced by (Media Corporation of Singapore) and a China television production company. Starring Hongkong actor Jordan Chan, Singaporean celebrity couple Fann Wong and Christopher Lee as well as China actresses Huang Yi and Hao Lei, the serial is set in modern-day Shanghai and Singapore, telling of the inter-generational feud between two twin brothers.
An association for any purpose, as a society of monks; a fraternity.
The whole body of persons engaged in the same business, -- especially those of the same profession; as, the legal or medical brotherhood.
people engaged in a particular occupation; "the medical fraternity"
the kinship relation between a male offspring and the siblings
An expression of the relation which the planetary Logos (on the cosmic mental plane) bears to His personality as it expresses itself through the planet with all its forms of life, upon the cosmic physical plane. This relationship is focussed through Sanat Kumara Who is the individualised mind of that great Life, the relation between forms, the manifestation of the unity of Life.
Term frequently appearing in the titles of labor unions, particularly the older craft groups. Cost-of-living adjustinent(COLA) - A provision in a collective bargaining agreement that adjusts wage increases tc fluctuations in the cost of living during the term of the contract
an organization of employees formed to bargain with the employer; "you have to join the union in order to get a job"
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The Hierarchy of Elder Brothers before the Throne, as called in Christian tradition; saints and holy ones who have emerged from the human condition into greater oneness with the Christ. Having passed certain tests at first initiation, the aspirant is deemed worthy of the attention of the Brotherhood (or Hierarchy). Also known as the White Brotherhood or the Great White Brotherhood. White in this case having nothing to do with color; meaning purity.
n. Spiritual or social fellowship or solidarity.
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a group of three to ten guys who intentionally hang out together for the purpose of experiencing deeper community and growing as individuals
Persons, and, poetically, things, of a like kind.
Feeling of closeness, caring and kindness among the American People.
Brotherhood, with the direct meaning of the state of being a brother or brothers (in direct or indirect senses), may also refer to one of the following.
a community for mutual support and comfort
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the feeling that men should treat one another like brothers
The state of being brothers or a brother.