Definitions for "Bargain"
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To make a bargain; to make a contract for the exchange of property or services; -- followed by with and for; as, to bargain with a farmer for a cow.
This is another word for a transaction or deal. It does not imply that a particularly favourable price was obtained.
A thing of good value or an attractive deal.
Bargain is a song off of the Who's Next album by The Who. The song, like many of the songs written at that time by their guitarist and main songwriter Pete Townshend, was inspired by Meher Baba.
An agreement or stipulation; mutual pledge.
The thing stipulated or purchased; also, anything bought cheap.
come to terms; arrive at an agreement
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Research shows that 77% of all sellers feel the commission they paid was well-spent.
Research shows that 77% of sellers felt their commission was "well spent."
Stockbroker jargon for a share transaction.
Term used for a share transaction.
An agreement between parties concerning the sale of property; or a contract by which one party binds himself to transfer the right to some property for a consideration, and the other party binds himself to receive the property and pay the consideration.
To transfer for a consideration; to barter; to trade; as, to bargain one horse for another.
an online resource that helps shoppers find coupons, discounts, and promotions of the top online merchants
a shop that sells a variety of electrical, household, clothes and general items
Sale A method whereby you sell appreciated property at a lower price than the fair market value to St. Lawrence, with St. Lawrence realizing the difference as a gift.
A purchase; also ( when not qualified), a gainful transaction; an advantageous purchase; as, to buy a thing at a bargain.
an advantageous purchase; "she got a bargain at the auction"; "the stock was a real buy at that price"
a purchase that could be made for less than what it's considered to be worth
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v.: Something you can't use at a price you can't resist.
a property that you have negotiated to a good price that you are happy to pay
to try to reach an agreement. Consumers negotiate price with auto dealers. Union members use collective bargaining to negotiate with a seller to get more pay and better working conditions. Also refers to purchases that are considered low in price.
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a third-round draft pick who becomes a star and doesn't have to be paid like one until his fourth or fifth year
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a combined meal and show package