Definitions for "Repo"
A contract in which the seller of securities, such as Treasury Bills, agrees...
The sale of securities (usually government debt) tied to an agreement to buy the securities back later.... more on: Repo
a contract involving an agreement to sell and buy back at a pre-determined rate in order to raise short-term funds
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a free lance writer with a special interest in justice issues
a free lance writer with a special interest injustice issues
Remote Emergency Power Off. See Emergency Shutdown. esonant Converter - Switching converter technology in which a resonant tank circuit operating at very high frequencies is used to transfer energy to the output. everse Voltage Protection - Converter feature that prevents damage to internal components if a reverse voltage is inadvertently applied to the input or output terminals.
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A positional rest variable used in AtomCterm s and Plex(See: rest module)
Repo is a JUnit extension that provides access to a test data repository. It separates test data from code, thus, improving maintainability of test code, allowing to run tests in multiple contexts, facilitating accessibility by multiple developers.
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Repossession of a property for failure to meet payments due on a loan. The term usually refers to property associated with VA or FHA loans.