Definitions for "Auction"
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The things sold by auction or put up to auction.
To sell by auction.
1) see bidding. Auction bridge, an older form of bridge, now replaced by Contract bridge.
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a variety of bridge in which tricks made in excess of the contract are scored toward game; now generally superseded by contract bridge
a BINDING CONTRACT between buyer and seller
a binding contract, read the ebay policy
When a seller is not in a position to deliver the securities he has sold, the buyer sends in his applications for buying-in, so that the securities can be bought from the market and delivered to him. This process by which the securities are procured in the Stock Exchange, on behalf of the defaulter is known as Auction.
a mechanism utilised by the exchange to fulfil its obligation towards the buying trading members
A mechanism used by the Stock Exchange to fulfill its obligation to the buyer of a security. It is done when the seller is unable to deliver the scrips sold by him. The security in question is offered by a member who has ready possession of the scrips.
a free market trading environemt
a way to maximize your property's value on the open market and give the seller the Fair Market Value
Many auctions occur in the financial markets; however the most common is the post market auction on the FTSE 100. This occurs from 1630 to 1635 and then the official settlement is declared
Transition of the order book from a break to permanent trading. As many orders as possible are executed at a fixed price, the opening price.
an exciting, viable resource where the novice and seasoned buyer can explore an unequaled selection of items at all price levels under one roof
A method of determining price and interest.
a time honored tradition in American society
a cyclic mechanism that modifies and extends a Stone Society's Charter, limited to an extent specified by that Charter.
a place where the adrenalin flows in anticipation of a bargain
an unusual process for an IPO in the United States
a very aggressive process
1. The process of determining the contract by means of successive calls. 2. The aggregate of calls made (see Law 17E).
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a great entry-level fundraising event
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a held twice yearly in April and October
a best used car kind of market in which the players are trying to find an efficient allocation by expressing information about their value
Auction (complete or partial) of the emissions allowances initially allocated.
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a business model we are familiar with
a tension between the business
The issuance of new Treasury bills, notes, and bonds at stated intervals by the Federal Reserve.
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a engagement
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a form of combat
A place where car dealers go to purchase their used vehicle inventories. The public does not have access to the major auto auctions.
a much longer process, but is also the more common method
an excellent method of distributing goods to those who value them most highly
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a lovely and original pin to wear over your heart
A popular, social gathering where you can change a horse from a financial liability into a liquid asset.
a place for people to advertise property that belongs to them
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a smaller version
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a white come out only