Definitions for "Maximize"
A Windows function that permits you to enlarge the current window to its greatest allowable size.
To make a window take up the whole desktop.
In a graphical OS, this is the act of clicking on the maximize button of an active window and causing it to cover the entire screen so that the desktop and other running programs cannot be viewed.
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targeting heavily a keyword within the meta support-including the meta, graphics, alt tags, domain name, hypertext links and text. Utilizing techniques to rank a page under a specific set of keywords, and to make a website as search-engine friendly as possible.
Similar to "Normalize", it is an enhanced process optimized for lifting the effective loudness of audio material.
Keywords:  role, his
make the most of; "He maximized his role"
Keywords:  highest, degree, increase
To increase to the highest degree.
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make as big or large as possible; "Maximize your profits!"