Definitions for "Keywords"
Coordinator: Taxonomy: Family: Mugilidae
Taxonomy; Occurrence; Database
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Words or combinations of words that are found anywhere in a document unless you specify a certain field such as title, subject, publisher. Terms can be combined by using and, or, not. E.g.: euthanasia and laws.
a term referring to a field which lists the major topics within an associated article or record. Keywords are used to streamline search operations and are also a part of metadata fields for full-text databases.
Words and combinations of words which are recorded by search engines and used by them to identify web sites. For example, if you type 'AccountView' into the search engine AltaVista, you will find a link to the AccountView site. The search engine generates its list based upon the number of times that the search term appears in the text.
Biology: Diets, Mediterranean
FishBase Consortium; Biology; Occurrence; Common names
Larvae, Eggs: Mediterranean
Keywords or terms assigned to conferences by the British Library.
Keywords are the own "commands" of PureBasic, with which are defined procedures, structures and many more, e.g.: Procedure, EndProcedure, Structure, EndStructure etc.. The keywords are always available in PureBasic, a command library doesn't have to be loaded extra for it.
catchwords that describe the content, used to index the content; data about data; metadata.
Keywords:  aquaculture
Keywords should be very specific and describe your products or services well. Please separate each keyword with comma (,).
Searchable terms found in the text of a database record. Use the "Back" button at the top of your screen to return to the previous screen.
Alphanumeric values that provide input to a McIDAS-X command; useful for clarifying commands with many complicated options. Keywords are always followed by an equals sign or a comma and the assigned value. They are optional for most commands and can be entered in any order as long as they follow command positional parameters and precede quoted text in the command line.
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Conservation: IUCN
Nomeclature; Distribution
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Common names: India
Common names: Hong Kong
Common names: Greece
In a PostScript printer description file, keywords are used to describe a printer. Main keywords describe a printerâ€(tm)s features, such as page size (*PageSize) and font (*Font). Option keywords describe the options associated with a feature, such as Letter and Legal for *PageSize.
Letter of Acceptance Letter of Agreement Letter of Interest
Specific descriptive terms that will facilitate a desirable match.
Commonly used terms to assist in locating programs. Computers
See Serach Terms.
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Keywords are values, which are associated with title and piece records. Title record retrieval keys include Title ID, Short Title, ISSN, Call Number, and Internal ID.
computer, funny, originally appeared in 1990
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Statistics      Communications industry
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See Subject
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Container for a list of keywords
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