Definitions for "Kingfish"
An American marine food fish of the genus Menticirrus, especially Menticirrus saxatilis, or Menticirrus nebulosos, of the Atlantic coast; -- called also whiting, surf whiting, and barb.
the lean flesh of any of several fish caught off the Atlantic coast of the United States
large edible mackerel of temperate United States coastal Atlantic waters
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The opah.
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The queenfish.
Kingfish is a self titled 1976 studio album by the band Kingfish, which at that time featured Grateful Dead rhythm guitarist Bob Weir, Dave Torbert and Matt Kelly. Weir left the band soon after this album and some live performances. The album contains "Lazy Lightnin'" and "Supplication", a jazzy song combination which quickly found its way into the Grateful Dead repertoire.
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The common cero; also, the spotted cero. See Cero.