Definitions for "RELEVANCY RANKING"
Keywords:  ranked, nrc, sorted, fuzzy, algorithm
When you search the NRC Web site, the search engine returns a list of pages that match your search query. This list is sorted by relevance, with those found most relevant nearest the top. Relevance is determined by several criteria including the number of matches of the search query in the page, the exactness of the match(es), and the proximity of the match(es) to the top of the page. If you included more than one word in your search query and have used the NEAR/x operator, documents in which the terms occur exactly as you typed them will be ranked higher than those in which only one of the terms occurred, or in which more than one of the terms was found, but not in the order that you typed them, or in which the terms did not occur next to each other.
A ranking of items retrieved from a database. The ranking is based on the relevancy score that a search engine has assigned.
Sorting of results based on an an algorithm usually based on the number of times the search keys appear in the document. Syn.