Definitions for "Black Hat SEO"
Keywords:  unethical, seo, illicit, hat, msn
A term used to describe unethical techniques used to rank higher in search engines. If detected, these techniques can cause your site to be banned from search engines permanently.
This is Unethical SEO. Search Engine Optimization techniques and methods are employes which fall outside of the guidlines issued by the Major Search Engines such as Google, Yahoo and MSN. Implementation of this tyoe of Search Engine Optimization may provide short term gains for your site(s). If you are discovered as using these techniques you can be placed under a penalty by the Search Engine. Recent sites to have been placed under the maximum penalty by Google, all search engine results being diminished, have included Search Engine Optimization companies. This is not the search engine optimization practised at Oyster Web.
Utilizing illicit software, Web development or copywriting techniques to generate top ten visibility for target phrases in search engine results. Black hat SEO tactics include spoofing, cloaking, IP redirects, keyword-stuffing and can result in “black-listing” or removal from indexes like Google, MSN and Yahoo! Opposite of Black Hat SEO.