Definitions for "ranking"
method used to prioritize items participatory tools 72
The position that a sites entry is display in any search engine query.
the position of a web page in the search results. "Ranking" generally refers to organic or natural listings achieved through site optimization plus inclusion efforts; specific positions can't be determined as with paid placement.
of the highest rank; used of persons; "the commanding officer"
Ordering from highest to lowest based on magnitude of observed values.
A method of assessing risk by estimating the likelihood of it being realised and the magnitude of its impact. This information is usually depicted graphically.
The order and extent to which different classes of securities participate in an event. New shares may have an initial difference in dividend entitlement. This is known as dividend ranking.
ordering items based on some value, so that the first item has rank one and the largest value
A security's ranking is where would fit in the pecking order if the company was wound up.
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a joke as always
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having a higher rank; "superior officer"
a good proxy indicator for the quality of our international executive MSc programs as it means that we are good at catering to the higher education needs of working executives like you
a popular source of guidance for MBA aspirants
a new type site that allows editors/readers to add reviews, articles and news links to the latest PDA and mobile related hardware and software products which will direct highly targeted traffic to their web site and reviews
a relation ''R'' between the elements of ''A'' which is transitive and reflexive
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a high-speed sort
a method of sorting your data from high-to-low or from low-to-high based on any nutrient or variable
a numeric value that establishes the expected complexity and/or difficulty level of a specific Match or a numeric value establishing the difficulty level a specific Referee has mastered.
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See Ordinal ranking.
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a benefit of membership
a far better solution as it most accurately (at present) represents the status of teams
container Container A quality or subjective indication of the value or stability of the ranked entity.
Comparison of an investments performance to others over a given time period.
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a subjective one, meaning that