Definitions for "Cloaking"
Keywords:  spider, ban, penalize, frown, unethical
a bait and switch technique that delivers visitors a different page from the one listed within the search engine. This technique delivers specific pages to search engines while visitors are re-directed to your home page. This technique is usually used to trick the search engines and we do not practice such techniques.
The "Black Hat" technique of showing a search engine spider a different page than a surfer sees. Cloaking is a violation of the Terms of Service of just about every search engine, and will usually get you and your sites banned from the SERPS
A system to hide code or content from a user and deliver different content to a search engine spider. IP based cloaking delivers custom pages based on the users IP address. User Agent cloaking delivers custom pages based upon the users Agent. Neither of these are recommended good methods of SEO and will ultimately get you banned
The act of covering with a cloak; the act of concealing anything.
Keywords:  material
The material of which of which cloaks are made.