Definitions for "higher"
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of or pertaining to education beyond the secondary level; as, higher education; higher learning.
Highers are National Qualifications and are usually taken in the fifth and sixth years of secondary education at about age 17 or 18. Highers are required for entry into higher education. The awards are graded by performance in national examinations and also require candidates to pass all unit assessments associated with the course.
(... Foundation) GCSE Higher level. Covers grades A* to D.
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"Higher" is the first single to be lifted from Creed's 1999 album, Human Clay. Although it is widely believed to be a song about drug-induced hallucinations or a dream of heaven, vocalist Scott Stapp actually wrote the song about the power of lucid dreaming.
advanced in complexity or elaboration; as, higher mathematics.
advanced in complexity or elaboration; "high finance"; "higher mathematics"
order aberrations refractive errors, other than nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism, that cannot be corrected with glasses or contacts.
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Farther to the left for right-handers, to the right for left-handed bowlers.
The majority of delivery months for a particular commodity are higher than the previous trading session or previous day. Firm: Prices are higher, but not significantly. Steady: prices are unchanged. Weak: Prices are trending lower, but not significantly. Lower: Prices for most contracts are significantly lower.
adjective meaning greater, larger: e.g. higher prices; (cannot be used as a verb, instead use raise).