Definitions for "Elaboration"
The second phase of the Unified Process in which the concept developed in the conception phase is funded for problem domain analysis, a sound architectural foundation is established, a project plan developed and highest risk element s are removed through preliminary iteration s ready for full scale construction funding. The four phase s of the Unified Process are Inception, Elaboration, Construction, and Transition. [D04831] RMW
An unconscious process consisting of expansion and embellishment of detail, especially with reference to a symbol or representation in a dream.
the embellishment of an idea or object through a constant repetition and/or variation of some visual components while other components may remain simplified or lack complexity.
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likelihood model a theory of persuasion that considers the extent to which messages take a central route or a peripheral route. (606)
This is the traditional approach to OO software development. The developer proceeds through a succession of stages -- OOA, OOD, and OOP. At each stage a solution model is produced. At each stage the developer manually adds value to the product of the preceding stage to produce the new model. Contrast: translation
A way of studying or thinking about other causes that may also change an effect, instead of looking at only one cause.
Students are given only a portion of a scenario and asked to elaborate on what they think actually happened. Students are supposed to "fill in" the missing pieces by elaborating on the information they are given.
The process of thinking about and scrutinizing the arguments contained in a persuasive communication.
The act or process of producing or refining with labor; improvement by successive operations; refinement.
The natural process of formation or assimilation, performed by the living organs in animals and vegetables, by which a crude substance is changed into something of a higher order; as, the elaboration of food into chyme; the elaboration of chyle, or sap, or tissues.
the result of improving something; "he described a refinement of this technique"
Mnemonic strategy of making mental associations involving items to be remembered, sometimes with an imagined scene or story. (275)
A method of memorization where associations are made between new information and already acquired knowledge.
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(e-lab´´ or-ra¯´ shun) The process of creating associations between a new memory and existing memories.
Transferring information into long-term memory by processing it at deeper levels.
A memory process wherein one expands verbal material so as to increase the number of ways to retrieve the material.
The elaboration of a declaration is the process by which the declaration achieves its effect (such as creating an object); this process occurs during program execution.
The run-time actions (such as initialization) associated with a type or object declaration. In Ada, certain declarations require actions at run-time, such as initializing a pointer to null, or allocating space for an array whose size is not known until run-time.
a discussion that provides additional information